About Me
Who I Am

My name is Robert Morrissey. I'm passionate about web development and see it as the intersection of logical data sets designed for computers and intuitive interfaces designed for people. When I'm not spending my time pouring over documentation, you can find me either out on a hike with my dog, or binge watching old sci fi shows.

What I Do

I build, repair, and maintain various web services and software products for my clients. In need of a client-facing, interactive touch screen kiosok? I've built that. Do you need someone to manage a website built on outdated technologies and bring it to a modern standard? I've done that too. Do you need the Sistine Chapel of websites? Well, in that case, I know who to refer you to. Click the hire me button and drop me a line if you want to discuss your project.

Contact Me

Looking forwards to hearing from you!