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A verison of the classic arcade game snake, built in HTML, CSS and Javascript and deployed with surge. Unlike some other versions of snake, this is highly responsive to user inputs, the snake will change directions as soon as the app registers a key press. Features level progression and score keeping, how long can you get your snake to be?


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NY Art Beat React

NY Art Beat React screenshot

A React front end which consumes the NY Art Beat api. Provides an inuitive and responsive interface to browse the hundreds of art events and installations around New York City. Styled with CSS.


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Band-It screenshot

A full stack social media application built on Express, Sequelize and Postgres on the backend and a React front end. Features a commenting system and user authentication and authorization, all managed by the RESTful Express API server. Server hosting is provided by Heroku, while the front end is provided through the Surge CDN.


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